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Talking about XLPE cable in wire and cable industry
Jul 20, 2018

At present, the domestic cable industry is constantly developing, the Internet and the development of large data to the cable industry has brought great opportunities, enterprises face the situation and market competition has also undergone a great change. On the market there is an insulating layer using cross-linked material cable, such cable is cross-linked cable, cross-linking is only a process, it is commonly used materials are cross-linked polyethylene.

At present, most of the high-voltage cables commonly used in the market are cross-linked polyethylene insulation material, which is suitable for 500KV and below AC voltage lines. The production process of XLPE cable is to make the PE material undergo special processing flow to form the cross-linked polyethylene of the net-line structure, which can effectively improve the heat resistance and the performance of the cable.

There are three kinds of technical processes for producing such cables, namely peroxide chemical crosslinking, silane chemical crosslinking and irradiation crosslinking. In contrast, cross-linked cables have several advantages. First of all, low cost, cable production plant can be used directly, effectively reduce the investment of capital; second, the production cycle is shortened, after the production work, five minutes after the preparation time can directly produce cross-linked cable; it has a powerful versatility, cable factory can adjust the variety of cables; In addition, it also has good electrical performance, Safety performance, thermal overload mechanical properties, chemical corrosion resistance, easy installation and maintenance characteristics.