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Safety and protection of cable
Jul 20, 2018

1. When the cable is crossed, the high-voltage cable should be under the low voltage cable.

The minimum allowable distance is 0.25m if one of the cables is in the 1m range before or after the intersection and is separated by a partition.

2. The minimum distance between the parallel and the crossover is 0.5m and 0.25m, when the cable is close to or crossed with the thermal pipeline, if there is heat insulation measures.

3. Cable and rail or road cross should be through pipe protection, protection pipe should be stretched out of track or road outside 2m.

4. The distance between the cable and the building base shall ensure that the cable is buried outside the apron of the building, that the cable should be worn in the case of a building and that the protective pipe should be beyond the apron of the building.

5. The direct buried underground cable and the general grounding device between the grounding should be separated from the 0.25~0.5m, directly buried in the underground cable buried depth, generally should not be less than 0.7m, and should be buried in the frozen soil layer.