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  • CCA Wire Advantage
    CCA is a new type bimetal cable material which can be used for many kind of communication and power cable as core conductor,braiding wire and stranded wire.
  • Talking about XLPE cable in wire and cable industry
    At present, the domestic cable industry is constantly developing, the Internet and the development of large data to the cable industry has brought great opportunities
  • Where is the main use of wire and cable?
    Electric power system used in the wire and cable products are mainly overhead bare wires, bus line (Busbar), power cable (plastic cable, oil paper power cable (basically replaced by plastic power cable), rubber sheath cable, overhead insulated cable)
  • Safety and protection of cable
    The minimum allowable distance is 0.25m if one of the cables is in the 1m range before or after the intersection and is separated by a partition.
  • About how to store cables
    If the cable is to be stored for a long time, depending on where the cable is placed, the following considerations should be considered
  • Development trend of cable enterprises in China
    Wire and cable industry is an important part of the national economy, as China's economic development into the "new normal", the entire industry from the high-speed growth period into the medium and low growth period, from the era of profiteering into a meager profit era.
  • Operation and maintenance of wire and cable
    Corrosion monitoring. In order to prevent the electrolytic corrosion of the wire and cable metal sleeve, the surrounding soil of the adjacent line is measured by a special instrument, if it belongs to the anode zone.
  • What kind of world is China wire and cable industry?
    Wire and cable transmission electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic power conversion line products. A wide range of wires and cables are also known as cables. Narrow-sense cable insulated cable.
  • How is the wire and cable waterproof?
    1, cable connectors should be sealed, cut off the end of the cable, stacking or laying should be sealed with plastic, to prevent moisture infiltration.
  • How to distinguish the quality of weak electricity cable?
    1, sheath: The surface can see the pressure inside the network has a regular "roughness", indicating that the processing technology is good, will not produce relatively sliding, is a good cable.
  • Safety hidden trouble of inferior cable
    In general, want to know a wire and cable product is not qualified, just to see if the epidermis above is not a product identification
  • Four oversights that cannot occur when installing wire and cable
    Perhaps most of the owners are only aware that household wire and cable for the room to bring light, so that life is full of fun